Unleash Hidden Opportunities

Dive Deeper Than Ever with Psycho-Linguistic AI

Krakin decodes the psychology of consumers to create dynamic personas that work harder than traditional models, which are typically based solely on biased behavioral data. Krakin takes targeting to the next level, defining the right messaging, media mix, and creative relative to each consumer’s respective deviation from your current brand position.

Krakin Dashboard

What Does Krakin Do?

Krakin revolutionizes marketing with unbiased, psycho-linguistic insights to create dynamic buyer personas. This enables us to tailor media strategies, craft resonant creative, and optimize every touchpoint, unleashing the true power of personalized marketing.

Industry Analysis

 Fully comprehensive, in-depth, dynamic market intelligence analysis and competitive benchmarking.

Brand Gap Analysis

Compares brand perception with consumer expectations.

Bias Elimination

Go way beyond reliance on historically and inherently biased behavioral data.

Dynamic Buyer Personas

Generative personas tap implicit drivers of human capacities to create more effective messaging that resonates with those personas.

Psycholinguistic Insights

Analyzes language patterns to understand implicit motivations and decision-making processes.

Creative Prototyping

Content and creative prototyping based on psycho-linguistic algorithms drive more effective decision-making.

Shatter the Barriers of Human Bias, Unleash Unprecedented Growth

Tired of slow, costly research that barely breaches the surface? Kraken’s AI-powered platform eliminates human bias and delivers deep psychological insights into your target audience, their motivations, and desires. This allows you to create marketing strategies that resonate and build a brand that consumers instinctively choose — fueling organic growth and unwavering loyalty. Don’t just market to them — connect.

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